Can O’ Budder

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About Can O’ Budder 

It started with a vision- Mr. Budder wanted to make the world of edibles accessible to the diverse spectrum of medical marijuana patients. He hoped to bring the benefits of edible marijuana to users from every walk of life with a savory butter spread. Can O’ Budder was developed to do just that! A wholesome alternative to edible foods high in sugar and fat content, this delicious marijuana butter allows even the health-conscious patient to enjoy their medication. By integrating high-quality marijuana with premium natural ingredients, Can O’ Budder provides an accessible and health-conscious choice for edible creations… And it’s easy to use! Made from only the finest cannabis and organic ghee, this edible spread is the best choice for infusing your favorite meals and treats. Our ghee is non-gmo and gluten free. Each jar contains enough butter to adequately dose numerous servings. Simply replace any oil ingredient with Can O’ Budder to add something truly delightful to your favorite dish. O-M-Ghee: Using traditional Indian techniques, pure day is liberated from additional sugars and casein in order to create a vitamin – rich additive. This superfoods is cholesterol – reducing and has a high smoking point. Making it unlikely to produce harmful free – redicals. Ghee has a substantial shelf-life. Many individuals with lactose intolerance may consume it, although you should always contact your physician first. Can O’ Budder – The original medicated ghee butter!

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