Jackal Bean Indica Marijuana Flower Cannabis Strain

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  • A dense and sticky bud with an Indica-leaning Hybrid high.
  • Lineage: Jilly Bean X White Beast
  • CBDA – 0.92%
  • THC-A – 26.99%
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Jackal Bean Indica Marijuana Flower Cannabis Strain

Jackal Bean Cannabis Strain Medical Chart

About Jackal Bean

With generally few pistils, this strain focuses on tightly knit and sticky calyxes. It also produces thinner buds than most, while still creating dense flower that has a nice Hybrid high. It leans slightly to the Indica side, so one may experience an array of effects.

Jackal Bean Cannabis Strain Bud


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Jackal Bean Indica Marijuana Flower Cannabis Strain Testimonial

This is by far one of my favorite strains of cannabis of all time. For the entire weight of the flower after trimmed and cured… the sheer wieght of the trichomes account for a large % of the exact weight. It’s oder is not changed upon combustion and you exhale the same oderferous flavor that is inhaled and not often is that achived, namely with hybrids. This has a slew of genetics that will dazzle the entire cannabis loving community- consisting of one of the most poweful strains in the world on BOTH sides of its genetics its no wonder where the majority of its power comes from and that mighty strain is Northern lights. You have a doezens of lines of champions Hazes with a touch of the finest skunk#1, afghani SA, a Canadian developed H called the Ortega Hybrid and not the least the strain to make the Haze in the breed shine to a explosive climax… Hashplant is part of the bloodline as well. This is a hybrid in every sense of the word… yet its undeniable that the indica in this creatures blood is strong, the sativa is stronger. Thus couch-lock is staved off yet you have a tranquil and serene effect that leads to defence against snxiety, depression, insomnia, lack of appatite and lack of creativity and ability to enjoy possative experiences. Essentially this strain offers all effects of indica and sativa in a very evenly blended package in every way. Its very strong but very smooth. Its very heavy in it flowering yet not overly dense and this allows for THC to develope in 360 degree platforms instead of just one side of a hard bud such as Stonehenge or T-Rex. So Though not rock hard like many ppl say, it is a triple calyx producer and the CBN is very high as well. Its gift from hashplant but moreso Northern lights… a couple bowl of this and you mise well have smoked a bowl of fine hash. This is a champion among all strains.

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Rated 4.50 out of 5 stars
2 reviews
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2 reviews for Jackal Bean Indica Marijuana Flower Cannabis Strain

  1. alexandrafisher@eeousa.com
    5 out of 5

    Taste Smooth and Clean Excellent strain for daytime use but watch out where you purchase your medicine. A good uplifting and happy sense of well being ,,- exactly what is needed for anxiety or panic attacks. Excellent as well for depression. If you get quality, the scent sweet, light, tangerine/mango and the taste smooth and clean.

  2. jaileenepacheco@cassvie.com
    4 out of 5

    Great For Nausea I was finally able to get this strain in the 710 kingpen, the go-to vape cartridges. I like to try a nice sativa after a long day where I’m finally home, but still have things to do. Makes the time pass and makes every chore enjoyable. I’ve tried almost every king pen available and one thing I’m happy about is tasting a sativa that parallels the gelato vape cartridge. Gelato is still my favorite flavor for sure, but I’m a sucker for fruity flowery flavors. Still, the citrus flavor is more intense than any strain with similar flavor profiles. This is a nice and mellow high. Traditional cerebral sativa. Great for nausea and joint pain. I understand people have their preference between flower and oils/concentrates (as do I). I love flowers, but medicinally, it’s healthier for my situation to vape and for my fellow smokers who are looking for relief, the kingpen is the best vape around of the dozens or so I’ve tried in terms of quality, flavor, high, and value.

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