Golden Lotus Hybrid Marijuana Flower Cannabis Strain


  • Frosty, citrusy, Indica-dominant cross.
  • Lineage: Pot of Gold x Snow Lotus
  • THC – 19.43%
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Golden Lotus Hybrid Marijuana Flower Cannabis Strain


About Golden Lotus

Known for producing small, tight, very frosty buds. Powerful citrus flavors and aromas permeate this unique, Indica-dominant cross. Reminiscent of Durbans, Skunks, and Hazes.


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Golden Lotus Hybrid Marijuana Flower Cannabis Strain Testimonial

First and foremost, hot damn! This bud packs a whollop in every category you can think of, from its scintillating aroma and taste, to its appearance and effects , it’s hard to go wrong with golden pineapple but that’s a bit brief, let me elaborate , it is impossible to miss its distinctive Aroma, it will fill any space you give it, from a jar to a room, it has strong notes of pine and citrus, with a slight floral undertone which speaks to its genetics as a sativa dominant hybrid, also, if your lucky enough to find some of this Golden Lotus that has been curing for a considerable amount of time you will find the floral scents and tastes begin to take over. A treat worth waiting for. As stated above, this is some serious bud, this strain has been highly developed by a friend of mine for the last couple of years and the result is mind boggling, fun fact; The Golden Lotus I’ve been getting regularly tests in the mid to high twenty percents, the samples I have recently indulged in were tested at 27%!!!! as you might imagine, this results in a seriously Stoney bud. It has an immaculate blending of both head and body high, bringing out the best of both sides of the hybrid, it starts with a strong cerebral sensation followed quickly by a warmth and relaxation through the body this bud has the capacity to be either stimulating or sedating depending on how much is taken, it is perfect for pain relief and relaxing at the end of the day, but is also my favorite way to start the day not only will you experience the same wonderful all encompassing high, you will find this bud picks you up when you need it, and puts you down when your ready, it is my go to bud, my daily smoke and my special treat all rolled into one glorious strain.

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