Glass Slipper Sativa Marijuana Flower Cannabis Strain

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  • Happy, clearheaded Sativa with a bright, sweet flavor.
  • Lineage – Pineapple 99 x Cinderella 99
  • THC – 23.35%to 23.52%
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About Glass Slipper

The clearheaded high of Cinderella 99 creates a happy, creative high when mixed with Pineapple 99 which contributes an aromatic flavor to this Sativa-dominant hybrid. Glass Slipper is a sativa-dominant hybrid described to have a nice cerebral effect with a sweet, somewhat fruity flavor profile.

Glass Slipper Cannabis Bud

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Glass Slipper Sativa Marijuana Flower Cannabis Strain Testimonial

I have smoked many, many strains. It’s crazy how different strains can cause our body’s to react in different ways. For me this is the best strain I have tried, which fits all my needs. I have always been a Sativa guy. Love my daytime hi. My lady, whom runs a very large, successful business would never smoke with me, because it either knocked her out or made her paranoid. She is in her 50’s. however the first time I tried Glass Slipper I knew, I knew this was the one. It gave her energy, focus, took away the stress, and pain every person her age has. We are always on the go, always. I was soo glad I tried this. I have been in the Marijuana industry for a good bit now. You cannot go wrong with this strain, I promise u. I was sitting there wondering while smoking this, how could my head get any clearer. If I had to list some or any downside. As I would hav to nit pick, The only downside I have found…is Dry Mouth, and Time seems to pass very slow on this strain. No matter what I have here with me. At the moment I have Alaskan Thunderfuck, Bruce Banner, Trainwreck, and Grape Stomper. No matter what I hav on hand, I still choose this over them all. Never a bad hi. Just lots of very good energy and vibes and the most clear head u will ever have. A few others on my list would be…White 99, Flo, and Green Crack. So if you are wanting a couch lock feel, this is not the strain for you. If u want to be able to be hi as hell..yet still function, be stress free, pain free, have ADHD, PTSD be relived, then this helps tremendously with all of it. It’s also a very good arousel strain. Good for older couples whom think maybe they can’t still get aroused. This strain will fix those people sex lives in a hurry. So you could smoke a blunt, be soo hi, yet still walk into the bank and spit out your account number right off the top of your head and even surprise yourself…if you are looking for any of those I memtioned, then Glass Slipper is for you All Day.

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2 reviews for Glass Slipper Sativa Marijuana Flower Cannabis Strain

    5 out of 5

    Tingling Uppity Buzz Am a total noob to medical cannabis have had edibles and flower as well this is my first rso it was a toss up between glass slipper a harlesin and a high 14:1 cbd rso I obviously went with glass slipper few strains I have tried and enjoyed but some brought on anxiety. I bought rso because I am dealing with some withdrawals from opiate pain killers and heard rso helps greatly!!!!!! and it does within minutes I felt the yuck melt away and a instant I need to eat feeling definitely a tingling uppity buzz something that will Cary me threw all of this I wish the flower was available at my dispensary this would always be in my medicine bag.

    5 out of 5

    Dense and Frosty Baked. haha I was baked off a personal bowl. Smoked out of a straight tube bong. Took 3 hits to clear the bowl, and all I have to say is Glass Slipper got me baked. Very clean hitting all the way through to the end. The medicine was felt with in a minute of my first hit. Very much like how fast it set in. Very good full body stoney sensation. Very alert feeling. Happy and content feeling. Excellent FIVE STAR strain imo! Worth a try if you see it on the shelf. Of course always give it a good look over. This 1 gram bud is dense and frosty. Not sticky but you can definitely see the frost and it snows when you break the bud up. good stuff!

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