Chunky Diesel Hybrid Marijuana Flower Cannabis Strain

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  • A mild diesel strain with a chocolatey flavor and an uplifting high.
  • Lineage: Deep Chunk x Sour Diesel
  • THC – 19.75% – 20.39%
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Chunky Diesel Hybrid Marijuana Flower Cannabis Strain

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About Chunky Diesel

Chunky Diesel bred Ganja Rebel Seed Co. for Cresco Labs is a West Coast rarity with classic roots. This combo of Deep Chunk (a robust indica straight out of 1970) and the ever-popular Sour Diesel creates a pleasantly motivating strain with a clear-headed mental state. With massive trichome production and a terpene profile of skunk, chocolate-covered espresso beans, and diesel, Chunky Diesel is sure to please sativa-dominant aficionados. Chunky Diesel may also assist with depression, fatigue, nausea while concurrently improving mood. This hybrid features a clear high and chocolate, diesel flavor. Great for daytime use.

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Chunky Diesel Hybrid Marijuana Flower Cannabis Strain Testimonial

The description of this strain is extremely accurate. I absolutely rely on this almost every day. I’ve been using it for medical purposes. Chronic pain, which coincides with depression and anxiety. This flower is better than most anti depressants I’ve been on. Sour Diesel lets me have a clear mind and still be creative and energized. It tastes terrible. But I don’t care because it helps my pain. It brightens my mood, keeps me optimistic and that is going to help with any pain issue. Pain and depression go hand in hand. And this has helped me break the daily cycle of one inducing the other. If you are looking for a strain that can help with medical conditions and keep you sharp and smiling look no further.

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2 reviews for Chunky Diesel Hybrid Marijuana Flower Cannabis Strain

    5 out of 5

    Well Balanced Chunky Diesel is one of the best sativa-dominant hybrid strains! Its strong diesel aroma blends with chocolatey undertones to create a smooth yet distinct flavor suitable for any palate. Although it's certainly sativa-leaning, its Deep Chunk lineage mitigates the mental stimulation associated with a traditional Sativa, producing an effect suitable for both day and nighttime usage. I highly recommend Chunky Diesel to any licensed medical cannabis patient seeking a flavorful medicine with a well-balanced high.

    5 out of 5

    I Felt Alert and Focused Not sure why this is listed as strictly a Sativa and not a hybrid. Cresco labs brand of Chunky Diesel is the best Diesel I've ever smoked. It is by far one of my favorite strains OVERALL(and I've tried 100's of strains). It is the PERFECT relaxing after work smoke in my opinion. I feel alert and focused but my body pain is totally gone(not numb, but actually gone). I feel it is more of an Indica-Leaning hybrid imo but that could just be my body. Either way, it's a perfect hybrid, I have no complaints. Looks great with a lot of purple and many many trichromes. Smells the usual diesel-y smell with earth undertones. Smooth smoke. Will always pick this up as long as it's on the menu. Don't miss out on this one!!

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