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Weed Delivery with Drones Banned in California (OCTOBER, 2018)

By Chad · On October 6, 2017
California was the first state to allow medical marijuana to be used legally, all the way back in 1998. Following California’s lead, other states have legalized pot, or are working towards it—in fact, Colorado allows marijuana to be used without a prescription even for recreational purposes.

California is set to allow the usage and sale of recreational marijuana by 2018, but before then, many rules and regulations are going to have to be implemented in order to ensure the safe dispensing of the drug. One notable regulation that has been passed in California is that marijuana can only be delivered by manned vehicles, which prohibits drones from delivering the drug to customers.

Additionally, it also prevents trains, aircraft, watercraft, and manually powered vehicles like bicycles from delivering marijuana, but more surprisingly, the regulation also prevents marijuana from being delivered by mail.

On top of these restrictions, other regulations have also been passed to ensure the safe delivery of marijuana to those who use it legally. Marijuana is going to have to be delivered in a locked box by a driver of a commercial vehicle who is 21-years-old or older, and these locked boxes have to have GPS trackers in them so that customers can easily find them. The commercial delivery vehicle also must not be parked anywhere overnight, or for extended periods of time in residential areas.

Start-up companies that wanted to be a part of the marijuana business were put at a disadvantage because of these regulations, and ultimately failed as a result. Many of these companies obtained millions of dollars from customers and investors because they believed that they would be able to supply customers with marijuana in under half an hour using drones to deliver their product. Now that only manned vehicles can deliver marijuana, their promise of delivering the drug to customers in such a short time period could no longer be fulfilled, and so start-up companies no longer seemed like a better option.

Buying marijuana from legalized shops is a safe and effective way for customers to obtain the drug. In order to make their purchase, they will have to show identification and their marijuana classification card, preventing sales to people who are underage or who aren’t classified to legally use marijuana.

Internet giants like Google and Amazon have been using drones to transport online deliveries to their customer bases in California; on top of their usual merchandise, Amazon also delivers pizza to customers who don’t want to deal with infamous California traffic! Despite all their experience delivering products successfully with the use of drones, Google and Amazon will have to wait on delivering marijuana with them for now.

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