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Patented CBD and THC Lozenges
Pure Ratios Patented CBD and THC Lozenges
Benefits of our Lozenges:
Pure Ratios introduces a new kind of patented sustained-release delivery Lozenges that rewrites how cannabis-based compounds will be administered more efficiently by mouth. The small soft lozenge is designed to slowly dissolve in the mouth (about 30 to 45 minutes). During that time the lozenge continuously delivers a steady stream of cannabinoids to the oral mucosa. The following dosages and ratios are available: CBD 50mg & 100mg, THC Indica & Sativa 10mg & 25mg, 1:1 CBD/THC with 20mg CBD 20mg THC and 4:1 CBD/THC with 32mg CBD and 8mg THC.

Lozenges can be cut in half for multiple dosages or can be taken whole for a higher dosage.

• Patented sustained release delivery system
• Slow release buccal/sublingual delivery
• Allows for more efficient absorption into the bloodstream
• Allows for rapid onset compared to conventional edibles or tinctures by bypassing the digestive track
• Changes the pH in the mouth to eliminate plaque, bacteria, and bad breath
• Sugar-free / no calories
• Formulated to help with dry mouth and combat bad breath

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